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Women...The mystery of the ages. Ever since the beginning of time, these lovely creatures have captivated the curiosity of all. Once Eve bit the apple, it became clear that women were to be the cause of much attention.

Men have dueled over them, mountains moved for them, and, of course, hearts broken by them. With their infinite moods and always individual beauty, women have made their mark on humanity, yet remain an alluring enigma.

But trying to understand women is like running through a pasture of daisies trying to catch a butterfly in flight...Challenging but enjoyable. Some men say they have women all figured out...others know better.

Even women have endeavored to fathom themselves, in search of the timeless rhythm that we all subconsciously seek. These women have an inner awareness as to who they are…an intuition if you will…

In order to realize that rhythm, they must dig deep into their psyche to find who they are…what defines them…they must find the what, when, where, and why…It might be a word, a time, or a place…

The women who do realize this rhythm, have a different look in their eyes, and a glowing aura of awareness about them. They know how to move, they know how to attract, they are not afraid to communicate.

These women understand The Moods of Beauty.

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